Custom-Made Subwoofer from Nuonic Audio

Installed April 4, 2008


After purchasing a used Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature in the Frey Theater two months ago but returning it due to its condition and operating issues, I went on a search for a possible replacement subwoofer for the theater room which might give better performance.  After further online research, I stumbled across a company named Nuonic Audio, located in Pell City, Alabama, who was selling a beautiful hand-crafted Subwoofer with a high-powered, integrated Amplifier that I thought might do the Job.  After contacting the company with some technical questions on the sub they were offering, I connected with their Director of Product Design and  Engineering.  He informed me that they were rolling out some new, even better Subwoofer models within a few weeks, and they would let me test out their prototype of their new ATAK class Sub (Get it? - as in Attack-Class Submarine?), with a high-end 15" driver, in my home theater when it was finished.  I was able to pick the type of exterior wood veneer and finish, and other aesthetic features such as the piano-finish caps, so this Sub was definitely "Custom Built for the Frey Theater" (see photo below of the serial number tag on rear of unit!).


This new Subwoofer uses an Acoustic Suspension design and features an awesomely powerful 15" driver with an anodized aluminum cone. A top-of-the-line, 1000 watt RMS Class 'G' amplifier with a huge torroidal power supply is built into the rear chamber of the sub cabinet.  The Driver is mounted in a second, larger sealed chamber completely isolated from the amplifier chamber. The driver chamber boasts an extremely thick 2" front cabinet wall for an exceptionally stiff, solid driver mounting, and the chamber interior is lined with 1" of ultra-quality acoustic isolation foam lining.  The entire Sub measures about 21 inches Cubed, and weighs a whopping 130 pounds!


This Sub definitely "blows away" my smaller and less powerful 12" JBL sub, and looks really nice in the process, too!


Subwoofer  Construction Photos:


Atak 15" subwoofer Driver, fresh out of the box at Nuonic!  This woofer features a huge magnet and an aluminum cone.

View into Subwoofer cabinet from top, during construction, showing two separate compartments for the woofer and the amplifier, and the thick acoustic foam lining in the driver compartment.


The custom cabinet sports an awesome cherry veneer, hand-picked by the Production Supervisor for it's extra-wavy grain patterns.  Here, the veneer has just received the first coat of cherry stain.  A second coat will be needed to better match

the existing Premier Audio center channel speaker

currently used in the Frey Theater.

The sub has been finished-off with awesome black piano-finish wood caps, top and bottom. These caps were finished with 22 coats of hand-rubbed black lacquer!  Here the sub is seen being put through it's break-in and testing at the factory.  The sub was found capable of producing 122dB of sound pressure when measured during testing!!

The completed Subwoofer, seen with installed neoprene feet.  The sub also comes with a set of 2.5" stainless steel audio spikes for better isolation. The lowdown on this sub:


15" Aluminum Cone Driver

1000 Watt RMS Internal Amplifier w/ Torroidal Power Supply

12Hz - 200Hz Frequency Response

122db Max SPL

21" x 21" x 18"  Dimensions

128 pounds

  A rear view of the sub and its 1000 watt RMS Class G amplifier with audio controls, mounted on the rear of the cabinet.   This was the last photo taken at the factory before being packaged for shipping to the Frey Theater.


The Nuonic ATAK Class Sub is seen sitting in the Frey Theater just after it's arrival, right next to my 12" JBL Sub and

one of my Infinity SM152 rear-channel speakers.

The Nuonic Sub dwarfs my 12" JBL sub in size and weighs about three times as much - an incredible 128 pounds!

The 1000 watt RMS integrated Amplifier features controls for the low pass filter, parametric EQ adjustments,

and line in and LFE inputs.



A close-up of the "custom" serial number tag on the amplifier's rear panel, made specially for me by the engineers at Nuonic!  Note the special text "Custom Built for the Frey Theater 3/2008" and the awesome serial number 00001 - Gotta love it!