Constructing the New Stage: February - May, 2008

The Frey Theater shown with the uncovered wood framework for the new stage platform - February, 2008

The original beige Berber carpeting in the Frey Theater was ruined by rain water seepage through the basement walls in February 2008.  An overflowing rain gutter after heavy rains was the cause of the leak.  The gutters and spouting were subsequently cleaned out and gutter guards were installed so rain water would not back up and overflow.  Unfortunately, the water that soaked the  carpeting in the theater room also soaked into the MDF cabinet bases of the two big Cerwin Vega front speakers, which had been sitting directly on the basement floor in front of the screen. The speakers were set upside down and the bases were dried out, but the water had swelled the MDF and caused it to begin to flake. The damage was done. Because of this, I decided to construct a platform of some kind to raise the speakers off the floor and protect them if rain water ever again leaked into the theater room.  The platform would also resemble a stage and so help to complete the theater image of the room.


The platform was assembled using 2x6 lumber and half-inch plywood sheathing, and was comprised of 3 separate sections to allow ease of placement, rearrangement, or transport, if necessary.  Each section sits on 1" dowel rod legs with black rubber feet, to help isolate the stage from any future water leakage.  Each section is also covered with a plum-colored carpet planned to match one of the colors in the Art-Deco wall sconce fixtures that will be installed on the theater room walls in the near future.


View of the first completed section of the stage

platform, with carpeting and speaker in place.

The right-side stage piece sits upside down on the floor just after the carpet was attached. you can easily see the six rubber chair feet and the internal bracing for the platform.


The carpeting was applied to the stage pieces right in the middle of the theater room floor.


The carpet has been measured and rough-cut to fit the center stage section. 

 This closer view shows the recessed, angled platform in the middle of the stage section, where the center channel

speaker will be placed.


The stage is complete and in place, and the Frey Theater is finally back to normal, May 24th, 2008